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December 31, 2019 2 min read

This year we have been saving bees, researching our carbon footprint and protecting the winters

What is your New Year's resolution? We promise to continue our work as a speaker for a sustainable lifestyle and consumption (also we wish to spend even more time outdoors!).  Read more about our sustainable actions below.

Bee-Friendly Summer with Elisa and Sugar Daddies

weekendbee bee protection

Bees are especially important for us at Weekendbee hence the -bee name!

The wellbeing of bees and the education of their importance is part of Weekendbee´s mission, so we joined forces with bee-farmer Elisa Nordman who reported her summer bee-keeping news via Bee-TV Instagram Channel and Sugar Daddies Co to spread this sweet message around the world.

We will continue this cooperation with these great bee-lovers, so stay tuned next year!


As a sustainable online store, our aim at Weekendbee is to operate an environmentally friendly way as possible. But all organizations have operations that cause CO2 emissions that can't be avoided.

Our goal is to be climate neutral organization which means that all the emissions that can't be avoided, will be compensated.

We joined efforts in this mission with Karbonautti who will be calculating our CO2 emissions during the year and at the end of the year, the emissions will be compensated by directing the compensation money to Gold Standard Certified projects. We will announce the 2019 report and compensation at the beginning of the year 2020. 

Where is the snow? Let's protect our winters together

We at Weekendbee love snowy winters and we want to be able to enjoy them in the future as well. That is why we support Protect Our Winters Finland on their mission to fight against climate change. Together we can raise the discussion and take actions that have an effect on the future.

We got an interview with POW-ambassador Jani Johansén who tells us, why he loves the winters and why he wants to protect them.


Send us your Greetings!

Are we missing a product or a brand from our online store? Do you have feedback or ideas for our next year on how we could make Weekendbee an even more inspirational and convenient online platform for conscious outdoor lovers? We would love to hear from you.

Send us your greetings info( a ) weekendbee.com


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