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June 01, 2019 2 min read

Summer and honeybees are here! 

As you might already have read from our previous posts, the honeybees are extremely important for us humans also. Without pollinators, there would be no flowering and without flowering, there would be no harvest. To handle this enormous task, honeybees fly long distances to gather pollen from flowers. Really hard working small insects, for whom the existence of flowers is vital. But we have to admit, what would be a more beautiful view than a flowering field. Each flower and plant in nature is important but also flower beds made by humans are equally important too.

Together we can make a great impact and help honeybees just by growing flowers.



Accept the challenge and you can win a gift card of 250 euro!

We want to challenge each one of you to grow flowers. Even a small contribution is important, so you can grow flowers in your balcony, garden or just give the natural flowers conquer part of your yard. We need more flowers, especially in urban areas.

To make this challenge even more attractive, we decided to arrange a summer contest over this theme. It is very simple to participate, just follow these instructions:

  • Take photos of honeybees or flowers
  • Share your photo on Instagram by using hashtags #beefriendly #makeyourmark #growflowers
  • Tag us up @weekendbee
  • And you are in.

Contest period is from June 1st to August 31st. During the summer we will draw two smaller prizes at the beginning of July and August. At the end of our summer campaign, we will draw the main prize which is a gift card of 250 euro in our sustainable sportswear webshop. Now you all have a wonderful opportunity to make your mark and win amazing prizes. 

The contest is open to entrants who have personal and public Instagram account. General contest rules are available here.

Enjoy summer, grow flowers and save the honeybees!

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