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Outdoor adventurers and digital nomads: These are the best sustainable backpacks for you 

This one is for all of you, travelers, hikers and digital nomads!

When shopping for a backpack, we are always looking for the most durable ones on the market! There’s no point in buying a new one, every single year - so we want something that will last. When we hear the term sustainable outdoor industry, we often think of clothes, jackets, base layers… but that can be also applied to backpacks! What’s most important to us, is to find a backpack that is ethically-made—a bag that is kind to its makers and the environment.

Here’s what to look for in a high-quality, sustainable backpack

Quality and durability: A backpack is first and foremost functional. So whether you’re taking it on a camping road trip, as your carry-on for a flight, or to work every day, there’s a good chance you’re going to be slinging it around, getting it wet, and generally subjecting it to a good amount of wear and tear. Durability is always a must for sustainable fashion, but especially so for backpacks.

Your own specific needs: What will you actually be using your pack for? Work? Travel? Hiking? Do you need to prioritize water resistance, aesthetics, or something else? How many compartments do you need, and for what? What size will work best for you? Take some time to think about what you will actually be using your backpack for and how it will fit into your lifestyle so you don’t end up wasting resources on something that won’t work for you.

Sustainably-sourced, natural and/or recycled materials: Many of the backpacks below are made from recycled materials, which is awesome. Other than that, look for natural materials like cotton canvas and locally-sourced, vegetable-tanned leather, and banana fiber. These kinds of materials are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, much less taxing on the planet, and more often than not, they’re higher quality.

Fair wages and transparency: People should be paid fairly for the work they do, period. Look for brands that are committed to paying their artisans living wages for their work, while also providing other benefits like healthcare and education.

Timelessness: Get a backpack that you genuinely think you’ll love and use for years to come! A few of the brands below even come with lifetime warranties and repair programs (like Patagonia!)

Here’s a list of our  best sustainable backpacks for the outdoor and urban adventures! This one is for all of you,travelers and digital nomads! Some of these are made entirely fromwaste materials or recycled fabrics; others from renewable cloth; and a few certified fair-trade!

Our backpack collection, featuring the leading sustainable brands:


Best sustainable backpacks for outdoor and urban adventures

We know it! Your dream is to find a perfect backpack, that is both light and durable, perhaps it needs to as well has enough room for laptop, basic camera gear, chargers and a notebook!  Here’s a list of best sustainably made backpacks, that are perfect on adventures or for digital nomad life!


Store everything you need in this Aevor daypack - water bottle, journals with your notes, Gopro, your laptop! A perfect day pack!

All-around, water repellent back bag for everyday use. The strong Bichrome fabric is woven from a two-tone yarn whose varying thickness ensures a unique structure. The sneaker inspired drawstring zippers, give the Bichrome styles a modern, sporty look.

Some of the main features include a separate laptop compartment, water compellent fabric and a bottle box inside the backpack! Like all of Aevor products, this backpack is Bluesign certified and vegan!

SIZE: The most impressive feature by far, though, is the expansion function. With just a couple of swift movements, you can turn the 18L Daypack into a 28L bag. 

See all Aevor Daypacks


Made with a waterproof fabric, Aevor's trip pack combines the functions of a hiking backpack with modern, urban design and useful features such as a separate laptop compartment. With its practical hand luggage size, it is perfectly suited for a weekend trip and makes extensive city excursions possible as well! It’s the perfect companion for rainy city trips. The waterproof outer fabric provides rain protection when dark clouds gather during the trip.

SIZE: Trip pack has a volume of 26L and, like the Daypack, it has a rolltop system that allows you to extend the storage space - this time to 33L. 

See all Aevor Trip Packs



Aevor's stylish travel backpack is not only looking good, but functioning good as well! The newly introduced rolltop feature and fold-out side wings now make sure that the volume can be expanded by 7 liters on the spur of the moment! With the breathable back padding and removable hip belt provides, it is the perfect companion for rainy city trips or weekend getaways.

SIZE: expandable from 38 to 45 liters



patagonia travel pack

This Patagonia's Black hole ® pack water-proof daypacks are made of 100% recycled polyester, perfect for your 1 or 2-day adventures in the outdoors! A burly daypack has just the right amount of space to haul your daily essentials; laptop, water bottle, phone and camera with the durability you expect from our Black Hole® bags. 

SIZE: 25 L



    sustainable backpack

      Duffelbag, doubling as a backpack, is awesome for your next multi-day trip! Made of 100% recycled polyester, it is Fair Trade Certified and sewn with a Bluesign® approved fabric. It’s gear compartments are great for keeping your gear well-organized. 

      SIZE: 55 litres. Weights only 1,165 g!  
      67,8cm x 39,9cm x 30 cm. NOTE: slightly oversized as a plane hand luggage! 



      hip pack aevor

      Whether you’re out on a quick trip around the city, clubbing at night, or getting a morning coffee - a digital nomad should never be without a  this hip bag! It is just perfect to fit your phone, the wallet and the small camera!

      See all our cool shoulder bags!

      Under the spotlight:Aevor +Patagonia

      aevor backpack

      patagonia backpack

      Both Aevor and Patagonia carry a variety of backpacks. Aevor creates backpacks, bags and accessories for creative and dynamic lifestyle with responsible manufacturing processes! Their products are all  vegan,  durable and produced  responsively.

      One of the world's biggest leaders in sustainability,  Patagonia is committed to ethical and transparent production, from an everyday pack to technical,sport-specific packs. Much of the materials used are recycled and carefully constructed to encourage simpler and more conscious living.

      Whether you use it for school, as a carry-on, or as an overnight bag, our featured backpacks are built for transition and your life on the go!

      Shop our sustainable Aevor backpack collection

      Shop our ecological Patagonia bag collection

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